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Whispering Canyon Cafe | Wilderness Lodge

Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on a warm bun with shoe string potatoes.Whispering Canyon Cafe is a table service restaurant inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort at Walt Disney World.  This restaurant is very well themed and all of the servers play characters.  Whispering Canyon provides a fun, deeply themed experience for you and your family especially if your someone who can take a joke and get into a unique interactive experience.  

Themed for the Pacific Northwest in alignment with the overall hotel this restaurant is designed to make you feel like your back in the cowboy days getting food at the chuckwagon.  The servers all play their part and will generally act terse, disinterested or grumpy however thats the point.  Servers are known to just drop the food on the table and walk away however when you get into it this is a very fun restaurant.


Perhaps the most important part, Whispering Canyon is not a signature restaurant that would be Artists Point (for more information about that feel free to read the review here).  You can expect typical “American” dishes like turkey sandwiches or steak and pork ribs with lots of BBQ inspired dishes.  Overall the food is good, not “great”.  I do find this is maybe the biggest issue with Wilderness Lodge in general is there is just this one table service restaurant and its just “okay”.

Don’t get me wrong its not bad by any stretch of the imagination however its not amazing like I generally expect from a table service restaurant.  The the great food at Artists Point I always have high hopes for Whispering Canyon Cafe.


They have nearly half the menu dedicated to drinks so they have lots and lots of options including wine and beer.  They have some very nice mixed cocktails and spirits.  They all have a very cowboy inspired cocktail menu also and I’ve always found something great to drink here.


There is definitely a unique experience here.  The servers all act a bit “annoyed” at you, obviously depending on the reception they will change their approach however when you get into it they have a great style.  They have their own cool things here, for example if you ask for ketchup they will shout very loud “KETTTCHHUPPP” and everyone is expected to run with their ketchup and put it on your table.  Also if you ask for refills they will come with a gigantic cup for you.


At around $25USD per plate at dinner and $18USD at lunch the price point isn’t too bad for Walt Disney World.  The food is good but I don’t find it amazing and the venue is very nice but again not amazing.  There is no real view or widow tables other than the view into the Wilderness Lodge.  Overall I’d say its “okay” on value.  The experience you can have with your server however makes it a unique and engaging experience.


  • Serves: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Type: Table service
  • Cost: ~$20USD
  • Menu

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