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Walt Disney World Car Care Facility

Walt Disney World is located in Central Florida which means its a pretty quick drive for people who live in Florida or Georgia.  Coupled with the close proximity to drive and the amazing transportation available at Walt Disney World why bother paying for a rental car while you are there when you can use the Walt Disney World Car Care Facility.

For those who rent a car and drive over Walt Disney World has a great option for you, its called the Walt Disney World Car Care Facility presented by Alamo.  So what does that mean?  Well basically if you rent a car from either Alamo or Enterprise (which are part of the same company) you can drop the car off right on property.  Alamo will provide you with a drive back to the parks (or hotel if you want) for free.

When we did this last time it was very simple.  We dropped the car off and walked into the main facility, handed in the keys and they had the shuttle bus ready for us.  The facility has washrooms and a little waiting area.  If you need a car when leaving, ensure you book a car online (or by phone) and you can call for the shuttle to pick you up.


  • Drop your bags / luggage off at your hotel first, the bell hops will give you a ticket to call bell services to get your luggage brought to your room
  • If you have anything that needs refrigeration like medication or food they have fridges
  • If you arrive before checkin (3:00pm) ensure you pack a day-bag with everything you need for visiting a park so they can drop you off and you can start you vacation as quick as possible.  The shuttle will drop you off at the Ticket and Transportation Centre (TTC) and you can take the boat or monorail from there.  If you need to go to a hotel they will drop you off right there.

We found this a very easy, convenient service.  Additionally the employees are part of Disney so service is very good and friendly.  If you need to take a car over to Walt Disney World we highly encourage you to use Alamo or Enterprise and leverage the amazing service and convince of the Car Car Facility.


One note however, as of this posting (Oct. 2016) I couldn’t find the car care facility on enterprise website however on Alamo its listed as Orlando, FL – Orlando Disney Car Care or zip code 32830.  You can find it if you just type in Walt Disney World however its the 3rd or 4th option down.

Anyone from Alamo or Enterprise, you may want to make that a bit easier!

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