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The Cheese tray at the Territory Lounge at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Very good selection of cheeseTerritory Lounge is the first come first serve lounge at Walt Disney Worlds Wilderness Lodge.  This is one of our favourite hotels at Walt Disney World right up there with Polynesian and Grand Floridian.  Amongst those amazing hotels this is maybe my favourite lounge as well.  I’ve spent many a night here at this lounge and always had an amazing experience here.My wife and I run.  She runs more than I however I love doing a half-marathon when I can.  We are huge fans of the Disney World Marathon Weekend and the Run Disney runs in general and when she’s doing a run that I’m not she has to be up at about 2am.  Usually we book the Wilderness Lodge and I’ll spend my night here at Territory Lounge.


The drinks here are great, there is a bourbon flight that has some amazing drinks on the menu and I’ve never been disappointed once.  They also serve Moosehead beer which as a Canadian is something I can get behind.


One of the great things about this lounge over Geysers Point or even Roaring Fork is that this lounge shares a kitchen with Artists Point the signature dining facility at Wilderness Lodge.  Why is that important?  Well you can get pretty well anything from the Artists Point restaurant right here at the lounge which in my books is awesome!

That said they also have a few unique items available here and those items rotate all the time.


If you want to see the current menus for this lounge feel free to head on over to Disney Worlds page by clicking here!


In one of our favourite hotels is one of our favourite lounges.  You’ll find a more unique experience here then most deluxe hotels.  That said this bar can get busy at high times and it is first come first serve so you may not get a table for the number of people you need.  Given you can order pretty well anything from the Artist Point restaurant here since they share a kitchen coupled with the amazing alcoholic beverages this is a must visit in my mind.  I really suggest you unwind here at the  Territory Lounge.

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