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Satu’li Canteen – Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

The outside of Satu'li Canteen part of Pandora in Disney's Animal Kingdom has some of the most unique foods you will find at Disney World.
Disney’s Animal Kingdoms ~$400 million dollar expansion has brought a whole new world to Animal Kingdom themed after “The World of Avatar” based on the 2009 film.  With the introduction of this new immersive themed land has come some amazing food options including Satu’li Canteen.  This restaurant introduces some of the best themed food at Walt Disney World.  You will find standard American food but with a visual twist that will make you wonder what it is such as the Teylu or Cheeseburger Steamed Pods.  Although visually distinct many key foods are very good however there are also a few misses in our opinion but overall the food here is definitely something you need to try.


Inside the atmosphere is a cross between military canteen and alien decor which just adds to the feeling that your in a unique and non-native place.  Mobile ordering is available here and does accept the Disney Dining Plan.  This restaurant fits in very well with its surrounding area however in my opinion the real key to the atmosphere of this place is the unique dining options you can purchase here from the steamed pods to the cheesecakes the dining options here are the real spotlight but thats not to say the restaurant its self are is not great its just that the food is the real spotlight.


We had the Steamed Cheeseburger Pods which are very similar to a bao bun for those who have never had them they are pillows of dough that get steamed and taste amazing.  Inside the bun is a typical hamburger with ground beef, muster, ketchup, pickles and cheese however the presentation and overall uniqueness of this dish is great.  You will also get a side of vegetable chips and grapes which of course are really good.

We also had the Teylu which is their children’s hotdog wrapped in a pretzel which is hands down an amazing idea and one I really want to do at home.  You can of course add your own toppings to customize it to your liking.

Another great option here is their focus on healthy food through a variety of very good bowls which is a protein mixed with various vegetables and grains.  For example you can get the “sustainable fish” bowl.  This includes panko breaded sustainable fish topped with crunchy vegetable slaw and boba balls served with your choice of base and sauce.  Or for those who like turf over surf you can have the combination beef and chicken bowl which includes low-roasted sliced grilled beef marinated in a blend of garlic, herbs, red pepper spice and red wine vinegar, paired with wood-grilled chicken thighs marinated in garlic and olive oil this comes with crunchy vegetable slaw and your choice of sauce as well.


Pricing here isn’t too bad, you will be paying about $10-$15 per meal and Disney Dining Plans are available here for those on the DP.  Given the unique food, healthy options and sustainable foods this is a great place to go and grab a quick bite.  You can expect this restaurant to be busy so be prepared for crowds there is some outside seating as well which is very nice on a pleasant day.

Dining Plans

Dining plans are accepted here and will set you back 1 quick service dining credit.


Overall this is a great dining option with unique food items.  The overall theming is great but the real cool part is the unique food items that really shine.  The value is good and does accept dining plans.  I find the food to be great but nothing out of this world however I definitely suggest you try it yourself and give us back your opinion!


The menu for Satu’li Canteen is here right, head over that way to see whats there and book your advanced dining reservation.


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