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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar – Disney Springs

The inside bar at Jock Lindseys Hanger Bar where you will find lots of very cool thematic elements within this bar.Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Florida has some amazing places to eat.  Hands down one of our favourite little places to go here however is Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar.  Themed in the 1940’s after the Raiders of the Lost Ark character Jock Lindsey from the Indiana Joes franchise you will find amazing thematic elements here with lots of fun details.  The drinks here are great and have a fun atmosphere there are also small bites which are equally as good.  Overall this is a must stop at bar in Disney Springs however be warned its small!


Hands down the theming in this bar is bar-none one of the best at Disney World with lots of little treasures all over to find you can spend hours here.  After flying over Florida while searching for the Fountain of Youth Jock Lindsey fell in love with the area now known as Disney Springs and decided to open a bar or so the story goes.  Here you will find a 1940’s era bar themed for all of Jock Lindseys adventures with lots of relics from all around the world.  Fresh cocktails, beer on tap and small bites makes this the perfect place to sit back, relax and watch the boats on Lake Buena Vista.


Seating is limited.  Be prepared to come early to find a table however there are some unique places to dine here such as the diving bell!  Additionally there is outside seating and even a boat which has tables that you can dine at outside on wonderful Florida evenings.

Food & Drink

A well themed bar is only as good as its drink and food options and this bar has some great drinks and food.  There is a wide range of fresh cocktails for just about any pallet as well as several local beers on tap such as Old Elephant IPA and Golden Monkey from Pennsylvania.  As it comes to foods there are lots of great appetizers to share while you enjoy your drinks.  Everything we ate here was very good and enjoyable.  They also have scotch flights, champaign, wine, sake and other spirits.

One last thing not to be missed is there are many alcohol free cocktails which are just as delicious and really does provide something for everyone even those who don’t like to drink or who are under age.


Its about on-par for what you would expect to pay for a bar at Disney World.  Your looking at $10-$16 for appetizers, $8 for beers and $12-14 for signature cocktails your pretty much paying what you should expect at Disney World but you are definitely getting much much more when you add in all the thematic elements of the bar.

Dining Plans

Disney Dining Plans are not accepted here so you will need to pay out of pocket to come here.


Overall the great theming paired with great drinks and food you really cant go wrong at this bar and I highly suggest you come here at least once while enjoying Disney Springs.


If your interested in learning more or booking some space at this bar follow the link here and we can get you some awesome food!  Tell them the Traveling Flamingo sent you!

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