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Geysers Point Bar & Grill | Wilderness Lodge

Another view of the interior of the bar with the top shelf alcohol on display.

The newest addition to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is Geysers Point Bar & Grill. Located on the waterfront of Bay Lake Geysers Point is a new bar and dining facility that includes a shared kitchen with the pools. You’ll love grabbing a drink and watching the boats on bay lake while you unwind in this wonderful Bar & Grill.
As with everything at Wilderness Lodge Geysers Point is modelled after the Pacific Northwest and named after the Fire Rock Geyser which erupts every hour on the hour. With great views of Bay Lake and lots of space around the bar its quite a nice place to sit and unwind. The seats are large and comfortable and there are also heating lights above for those cooler days.

The kitchen is also shared with the pool bar so don’t expect signature level dining here but the food is solid. Perhaps where this Bar & Grill shines is with its drinks menu where you can get lots of very good drinks. From a price perspective don’t expect huge value here it is a high end bar and grill with Walt Disney World pricing so you can expect $8 beer and $12-15 cocktails.

Overall this is one of my favourite lounges in the summer to relax and unwind after a long day at the parks. You cant see the fireworks from here however but they do bring the audio in which is nice. You can get an obstructed view from just outside the bar but you can see the water pageant which is one of our favourite things to do also.

For those staying at Wilderness Lodge this is a great place to unwind even in the rain and they do have outside heaters so on cooler days its not bad however winter you may not want to go here. On that note its also open on all sides so in very cool weather they do close it. That said its a great pressure reliever for Territory Lounge.

For some more information about Territory Lounge the indoor lounge and restaurant with (in my opinion) better food since it has a shared kitchen with Artists Point the signature dinning restaurant at Wilderness Lodge check out here.

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