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Be Our Guest at Walt Disney World

A fairly large steak on a plate with large "wide cut" fries and a white sauceOne of Walt Disney Worlds newer character dinning restaurants in the Magic Kingdom is Be Our Guest themed to represent the “Beasts” castle form the iconic Disney film Beauty and the Beast. BOG serves breakfast, and lunch as counter service and at night, dinner.

The restaurant brings three distinct dinning experiences. There is the ballroom (where of course Belle and Beast had their famous dance), the West Wing (the forbidden wing where Beast stayed) and the art gallery featuring a large music box depicting Belle and Beast.

The visual styling of the restaurant (or Castle) and the food get their French inspiration from the setting of the original movie.  In all, the restaurant is amazingly well themed. From the moment you walk up to the castle you feel like you fell into the movie. The detailing is amazing from floor to ceiling. There are French windows in the main ballroom  and in the west wing the instantly iconic wilting rose.

Be Our Guest is also a character dinning experience. You can expect to have your photo taken with Beast the “master of the house” . You can also expect to see beast several times as he moves around the castle through your meal.

Today, I’m going to be discussing the dinner menu and the meals myself and my dinning party has had there. We found the food was very, ho-hum. Its not bad my any means however its not the most amazing meal. The food options in the Magic Kingdom are very limited, this is probably one of the better table service options.

Anyhow, lets get into details, our over-all table order comprised of:

  • Assorted Cured Meats and Sausages (Serves Two)
    • Served with Cornichons, Pickled Onions, and Toasted Baguette
    • $17.00
  • Grilled Strip Steak
    • With Garlic-Herb Butter and Pommes Frites
    • $35.00
  • Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops
    • With Lobster, Mushrooms, and Seasonal Vegetables in a creamy Lobster Sauce
    • $29.00
  • The “Grey Stuff”
    • Chocolate Shell, Cookie Crème topped with Lumiere’s special “Grey Stuff”
    • $5.00

So how did it all go? The Assorted meats and sausages wasn’t very assorted, there were 2 meats, 2 sausages and 2 cheeses which were all pretty similar and just a single type of bread. Overall it was just “okay”. The grilled strip steak was well done, fries were great but nothing outstanding here either. Again solid meal but just exactly what you would expect. Lastly for our mains was the Shrimp and Scallops, they were done very well and the lobster sauce was quite nice but again, nothing special. The Grey Stuff I would recommend buying only once, again it falls flat like the rest of the meal. For drinks I had a Kronenbourg 1664 which was of course very nice.

Overall this meal wasn’t anything spectacular. The theming was amazing and the food was reliable, having a character experience is also very good. Overall this is a solid restaurant but its pretty well what you expect other than the theming.


  • Reservations are a must
  • Seating is very random however you can ask for a specific room (West Wing / Ball Room / Art Gallery)
  • Try the grey-stuff. Its not really that good but you kinda got to at least once!
  • Don’t rush to get photos taken. The lines are usually pretty good
  • If you are dinning during fireworks they can be very LOUD!


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