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Artist Point – Wilderness Lodge

  • The Charcuterie board from Artists Point at Disney's Wilderness Lodge
  • Braised Bison Short Ribs @ Artists Point in Disney's Wilderness Lodge
  • Inside the dinning room at Artists Point at Disney's Wilderness Lodge
  • Great bread service at Artists Point in Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World in Orlando is the only fine dining level restaurant on the premise of Wilderness Lodge.  Artists Point drives home the theme of the Pacific Northwest.  From the minute you open the menu you know this is a very special restaurant.  You quickly realize you are in for one hell of a treat from start to finish.  You will see traditional Pacific Northwest ingredients including Buffalo and Wild Boar to Salmon and Mussels.  Although not every item on the menu reflects that Pacific Northwest region which we will touch on shortly the major items are all on point.  Artists Point truly is a unique and magical fine dining restaurant your whole family will love.

I’ve always found the Wilderness Lodge is a very underappreciated hotel in the suite of deluxe resorts on property.  I won’t go into too much depth as I will leave that for a hotel review.  The depth of theming and value for money at this hotel is amazing and I highly suggest people add it to their consideration list as they find the right hotel for them.

That all said, prepare for a wonderful meal with inspiration from the Pacific Northwest.  When we ate here I decided to get a nice glass of wine (albeit from California) and we opted for the Charcuterie board to start.  This came with what’s called “Butcher’s Meat”.  That means it came with Venison Sausage, Prosciutto, Duck Rillettes (confit), Cheshire Spalla Cotta and Heritage Hog Terrine along with musters, preserves and of course bread.  Speaking of bread, I almost forgot to start things off there is a wonderful whole grain sourdough with wonderful fresh, salted butter.

For our mains, we mostly went with the Braised Buffalo Hind Shank which was amazing.  When in Rome right?  It tasted very much like you would expect Braised Beef to taste.  It was amazingly tender and the jus was so rich and flavourful.  You will get the bone along with the shank of course which will have some marrow if you like that.  Braised Buffalo comes with mashed turnip, carrots, greens, radish and wheatgrass.

We passed on dessert here however I did get the “Billy Miner” which was similar to a B52 coffee.  It was quite good and definitely wrapped up the evening well.  Overall the service was everything you have come to expect from Disney.  I don’t think there is too much to change here at this restaurant other than making it bigger!

Pro Tip: The Territory Lounge shares a kitchen with Artist Point so you can pretty well get anything in the lounge as you would get at Artist Point, you just have to ask.

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