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1900 Park Fare @ Walt Disney Worlds Grand Floridian

Iconic wooden horse that looks like its from a merry-go-round

Inside the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World is the 1900 Park Fare. A character dining experience for both breakfast and dinner. As you would expect from the immaculate and wonderfully appointed Grand Floridian both dining experience are fit for Royalty. During the breakfast experience you can expect to see various characters from the Alice in Wonderland series, Winnie the Pooh and Marry Poppins. Alice, the Mad Hatter, Pooh, Tigger and Marry Poppins herself will make the rounds to greet your table. At the dinner character dining experience you will meet Cinderella herself, her step-sisters and the fairy godmother. Note however that the characters are subject to change and your dinning experience may not be the same as ours.

We were there for the breakfast / lunch dining experience so I’ll focus my review on that. Hopefully I’ll get back to you in the near future with the dinner experience. We had reservations for 11:40am (This was during the Disney Marathon weekend which my wife and sister-in-law were running the Dopey). We arrived about 20 minutes early and thought we would check-in anyhow. Providing our mobile phone number (you require an american phone number) to get our notification when our table is ready. If you do not have an American phone number, you can wait in the lobby for your name to be called. At about 11:50am we checked in with the hostess to ensure we didn’t miss the message and were told our table is ready. This was a late seating so the room was not quite as busy as it usually is however it was pretty busy.

Food Options

We went for our first course of “all you care to enjoy” breakfast which was amazing. At the buffet you can expect to see staples you find at every Disney buffet. We have found Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast and of course pancakes at most of the breakfast buffets. Unique to this buffet (at least for me) is Strawberry Soup and Gummy Bears although I’m sure you will find a bunch of stuff I missed. For those wondering, Strawberry Soup is a wonderfully pink concoction of strawberry puree, yogurt and sour cream. It tastes better then that sounds and will make you feel like you’re drinking melted strawberry ice cream. Perhaps my favourite love at Disney buffets is the fresh fruit. The fruit is always amazing and you can usually find cottage cheese which makes it just that little bit better (if not more calorically dense).

Special Experience

Much like many Disney experiences it’s the people that make it truly specially. The Mad Hatter for example will ask you what your plans are for the day and have a fun conversation with you. Similarly Alice will engage with your family and make your experience just a little bit more special. The staff are friendly and food comes out just before it needs to be replaced at the buffet line. You may however notice some gaps once it gets close to closing. I would suggest getting a reservation before 11:30.


Overall 1900 Park Fare is a lovely atmosphere in an immaculate hotel. Whenever it comes to the Grand Floridian there is always something special and unique. Perhaps one of our favourite hotels, the 1900 Park Fare does a great character breakfast with delicious food similar to the other buffets within Walt Disney World. The setting sets it apart from other buffets we have experienced. Set in the Grand Floridian where you feel like royalty you can’t beat meeting Alice, Pooh, Tigger or Cinderella. Overall I give this dining experience high marks with characters that make the experience even more special.


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