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The Grill – Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida

A picture of a steak on a plate with a lobster tail in the background and truffle Mac and cheese.My husband and I were staying in Naples for March break. We wanted to have a nice dinner on the beach, so we app Open Table to see what was available. The Grill at the Ritz Carleton had a table available at 6pm and we figured if we had an appetizer we would be there for the sunset. I’m going to go over our opinion of the service, food, decor, dress code, cost and overall hotel impression.

The hotel itself has many dinning options that you can choose from we picked The Grill which we quickly found out isn’t on the beach and has now windows however that did not dampen the experience one bit.  The hotel itself has 450 luxury guest rooms, including 35 suites and 70 Ritz-Carlton Club® Level rooms and suites, each with a view of the beach and Gulf of Mexico.  If you have ever stayed at a Ritz Carlton then you know what this hotel has in store for you.  If you have not ever stayed at one its high end luxury with a high end luxury price.  That said the prices do vary from high season to low season so you can definitely score this hotel at a decent price for those who can travel in off times.


Our server was amazing. He was very polite, knowledge of the menu and attentive to our needs. They plan their seatings so that the restaurant is not over booked which allows the services to give their full attention to each table.


My husband and I shared their daily specials which was a 12oz steak. We got two add one, truffle macaroni and cheese and lobster tail. The steak was great and cooked just how was asked for it. They even cut it in the kitchen so we each got our plate with half. If you like truffle fries you will love the macaroni and cheese. It was full of flavour. The lobster tail was served with lemon and butter and was very nice.


The Grill is decorate in a modern classic design. There is a large bar area and seating for about 60 people. The are large armed chairs and smaller chairs available. One thing we did not expect was that there are no windows. Being that you are so close to the beach and there is beautiful landscaping we did expect to have windows. Fortunately we were done dinner just in time to make it down to the beach for sunset.

Dress Code

There is a smart casual dress code for The Grill. I wore a flowered summer dress and felt that I was fine. My husband wore what he would wear golfing, khaki shorts and a golf shirt. There were other people wearing the same but he was on the more causal side. There were men there with jackets and ties however that was not required.


The main dishes cost anywhere from $40-60. Then there is an additional cost for sides from $10-20. The food quality is great but the portions are not huge. If I wanted a fine dinning experience with my husband this would be in the price range we would be expecting.


There is valet parking available at the hotel. If you have a receipt for $25 spent at the hotel parking is free. We almost passed on the valet because of all the $25 signs but I am glad we didn’t.

Impression of the hotel

The hotel is stunning. The original area with the Floridian decor, palm trees, flowers and large windows are amazing. The new area has been designed in the modern classic design with beautiful art lining the walls. Outside there is a lot of seating by the pool and on the beach. There is a fee for chair rentals on the beach. Walking around we saw a variety of other restaurants we wanted to try including a sushi one and the bar on the beach.

Overall we really enjoyed our dinner and would go back to the hotel for a dinner again. We would most likely try a different restaurant to see what else they have to offer.


Head over to the Ritz-Carlton website to find out more or to book you vacation at this hotel.  You can click the link HERE.

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