Regal Princess High Tea Options

A small lemon meringue baked fresh with 13 or so tall peaks sticking out of it similar to small triangles of golden toasted marshmallow.

This last summer my husband and I took the Regal Princess on the Baltic Cruise. We decided we wanted to do a Northern Europe cruise and did a lot do searching to see which best fit our needs. We cruised with Princess once before about 8 years ago when we went to the Caribbean. Princess is a higher end cruise ship geared more towards adults and couples.

High tea is a British tradition that I thoroughly enjoy. What isn’t there to love, tea, cookies and scones? My husband and I have made it our anniversary tradition to find and try different places that offer high tea. When we found out there was high tea on the cruise we were eager to sign up.

There are two different high tea options available on the Regal Princes, 1) Royal High Tea and 2) High Tea offered in the Allegro dining room. Both have positives and draw backs. I will go threw the details so you can decide which is the best option for you. That being said I tried both 🙂

  1. Royal Tea Service

    • There is a charge. You can pay extra for a glass of champagne
    • It is in the Piazza so there is not a view of the water
    • You can purchase the loose leaf tea. It’s a great keepsake Royal High Tea
    • Sign up for this in advanced. Sign up as at the tea carts next to the international cafe in the Piazza.
    • There are three different tea samples. One for each course of tea
    • Food is served on a traditional three tier tray
    • The food was delicious
  2. High Tea in Main Dining Room

    • No need to sign up
    • Plenty of seating
    • Food and drink is unlimited
    • Nice view from the back of the ship
    • Servers come around with sandwiches, pastries and tea biscuits
    • Less of a traditional tea service
    • Food was very good


We enjoyed both tea experiences. My favourite was the Royal Tea service. It felt like a traditional tea I would be served in a high end hotel or tea room. The food was great and definitely worth the nominal charge.  If High Tea is not your cup of tea then the regular tea service is still a great experience and no cost. Remember you can always ask for more so you don’t need to cram your plate on the first round like I did.

Several sandwiches on a serving plate.A fancy glass of fresh strawberries and blueberries on the table with fresh sandwiches, tea and strawberry jam in the background.A unwrapped scroll that outlines the history of high tea and its origins along with the menu to be served.A three tier plate containing small sandwiches, desserts and scones. Also showing a few glasses of fresh fruit and a rose on a table for two.

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