The Wonderful Four Seasons Vancouver

With an amazing location attached to the Pacific Centre mall in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia the Four Seasons Vancouver brings a wonderful location, remodelled hotel and courteous staff to make for a near perfect hotel.  Comfortable rooms, soft beds and mostly good views of the city this hotel really shines.  Perhaps the biggest problem with the Four Seasons hotel is their food.  I was fortunate enough to try the bacon and eggs breakfast at the Yew Restaurant as well as their late night cheese tray and both left me disappointed but more on that later.

General Information

Vancouver is a wonderful city filled with picturesque views, friendly people and great seafood.  On my last trip there I decided to stay at the Four Seasons Vancouver.  A tall 30 story sky scrapper with about 372 rooms 66 of which are luxury suites.  The Vancouver Four Seasons also has a pool, fitness club (3,450 Sq.Ft) and spa.  In addition to this, should you require event facilities the Four Seasons has the capability to host your wedding or corporate function.

This hotel definitely includes lots of activities and things to do, however for the most part you will probably be exploring Vancouver, how often do you spend time in the hotel anyhow?  The rooms are nicely appointed, fresh and give a very modern/traditional feel to what is a somewhat old building.  The lobby is probably where you will notice the age the most with dated gold elevators and old style flooring.  The lobby is located on the second floor.  For those coming in late at night you will have to head up the escalators to the lobby and take the elevators there as the more convenient elevators on the main floor are locked.  This is for security reasons to prevent anyone slipping up and causing problems from the Pacific Centre mall.


Rooms are fairly typical however I do give additional points to the Four Seasons for ample charging capabilities.  On the flat panel TV the HDMI ports on the back and side of the TV are easily reachable.  The bed is comfortable and soft with lots of space to move around.  There is also a mini-bar with a pretty standard compliment of foods should you get a bit hungry.  The bathroom is well appointed with a shower but little that dazzles.   Overall I think this hotel is well suited to business and leisure travellers alike.


The only real gripe I have with this hotel is the food.  I had the ability to eat at YEW for breakfast which was fine but nothing to write home about.  Eggs were well prepared, bacon was alright, toast was cooked.  The potatoes that came with it were almost too overwhelming of a potato taste.  One night I also decided to get the cheese plate sent up to my room with a glass of red wine and the optional assorted meats.  There was a fairly small number of breads on the plate and the cheeses were very mediocre for the price of the cheese plate.  The wine was nice however again I was fairly underwhelmed by the food options.

All and all I think this hotel is great, fairly good price, centrally located and well appointed.  I would suggest avoiding YEW in my opinion or getting room service.  There are of course some amazing restaurants just outside the doors of the Four Seasons Vancouver so explore the city!  This is a wonderful hotel to come home to at night.

  • Hallway at the Four Seasons Vancouver

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