Norwegian Cruise Lines has LOTS of speciality dining restaurants on board but are they really worth the additional charge for them?

Today we're going to take a tour of La Cucina one of the many speciality dining restaurants aboard many Norwegian Cruise Lines ships especially the Norwegian Breakaway that we were on.  We're going to look at the decor and the food and let you know if we felt La Cucina on the Norwegian Cruise Lines is actually worth spending the money on vs. the Main Dining Rooms and the Buffet.  I'll tell you one thing however, the Tiramisu at La Cucina was AMAZING!  10/10 would do again :D

So sit back, relax and watch some amazing photos of food while we tell you everything you need to know about dining at a speciality restaurant onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship and most specifically the Norwegian Breakaway!

Happy Travels!

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