Cozumel Mexico, Cruise Port has lots to offer on your next cruise.  We'll show you what's at this Mexico cruise port and give you tips & tricks for your next Cozumel cruise!

Cozumel Mexico has lots of awesome things you can do, there is a large mall that you can explore including several well known brands like Hooters, Senior Frogs and Starbucks.  You can also roam around the area there with lots of great shops.

Generally here in Cozumel Mexico the cruise port is very commercial so you won't find any regional or authentic shops really unless you walk down the street some way, that said we highly recommend you do that if you are comfortable.

For those of you taking an excursion here in Cozumel we'll show you where you meet and give you a view of the cruise port and the logistics of what you'll see at this port.

Happy Travels!