What is there to do in the Costa Maya Cruise Port?  Should you do an excursion? Just get off the ship & explore?  We'll answer all of that!

On our recent cruise aboard the Norwegian Breakaway one of our cruise ports was Costa Maya Mexico.  We wanted to explore the port and figure out if you really should book an excursion at this port or if there is enough to do in the port of Costa Maya.

One question we had was should we book an excursion on our Norwegian Breakaway cruise at this port and honestly we were not sure so let us answer that question for you about Costa Maya.

This is a pretty large port built by the cruise industry / private companies but that doesn't make it any less cool. Costa Maya Mexico has lots to offer however if you are looking for an authentic Mexican experience you may be disappointed.  That said Costa Maya has so very much to offer you from small shops to dolphin swims, bird Aviary, Tequila Tour and even more to give you an authentic Mexican experience.

Costa Maya Mexico was also the place we had a bit of a personal meltdown over our debit/credit cards so we'll also tell you that story so be sure to stay tuned.

Overall Costa Maya was a great port on our Norwegian Breakaway vacation but there are some draw backs.

Happy Travels!

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