Boardwalk Inn, Room Tour - Are you planning on staying at Disneys Boardwalk Inn?  You should check out the rooms before you put your deposit down!

Disney's Boardwalk Inn is one of Disney's deluxe hotels but do the rooms stand up to being deluxe rooms?  We're going to give you a tour of the room but we don't really think so, we found the rooms to be in need of a refresh and pretty outdated.  Although we love Disney's Boardwalk Inn as a hotel the room tour shows just how dated the rooms are here at Disney's Boardwalk Inn.    

Stay tuned as we'll have a video reviewing Disney's Boardwalk Inn in general but for now we'll leave you with Boardwalk Inn Room Tour.  We'll walk you through the rooms, show you what we thought and we would love to hear your opinion on these rooms as well.  

So what do you think?  Do you agree that Disney Boardwalk Inn Rooms are out dated?  

Happy Travels